Solar Water Heaters

  • Solar  Water  Heater  (SWH)  is  a  solar  water  system  made  of  a  tank  and  all-glass evacuated tube collectors.
  • SWH are complete-on-the-roof systems where the water storage tank and solar collector are mounted on the roof as a complete system.
  • SHW are ideal for use in small buildings, houses and other applications.
  • SWH are available in several sizes, depending on your hot water requirements.
  • Nebula manufactures a 100 liter low pressure SWH which is a Thermosyphon systems.
  • Solar radiation heats the water in the solar collectors, reducing its density.
  • The lighter, heated water rises naturally from the solar collectors into the storage tank.
  • The cold and heavier water from the storage falls down into the collectors replacing the heated water.
  • The heated water flows from the storage tank into the hot water lines and can be used directly for cooking, washing or showering.